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Going dutch while dating

It's really about the courtesy of the guy paying on the first date, and the tacit mutuality of back-and-forth paying after that.

Since the Women's Right Movement kicked up the long-lying, archaic dust off the ground, one of the big questions, when it comes to dating, is: Should the guy pay?

But even then, I would’ve never considered telling him “you pay for your own food”, nor would he have asked me to do it either (and never has). To each their own, but I can’t think of any good to come out of a practice like this.

When I go out with my girlfriends or even some family members, we’ll split the bill and pay for our respective meals. Now, hubby and I do each have a separate bank account, but just about all of our money goes into our joint account.

When we're Once you're solidly in a relationship, I think there are certainly times when a paid-for date wouldn't go unappreciated, but after a certain point, it feels like you're handing money back and forth.

When your relationship becomes transactional, the romance slowly fades until you're basically just roommates with boundary issues.

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